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  • Dom Comins

WWE Wish Granted

***Wish Granted*** VIP Ringside seats at WWE for a brave and courageous young man!

We are proud to have been able to grant Blakey his wish to get up close and personal with his heroes by securing front row VIP seats at an upcoming event at the The O2 in May!

Blakey’s mum Sam says “Blakely has spent the majority of his life in hospital he has intestinal failure and is reliant on intravenous nutrition to stay alive. His health starting to improve the beginning of 2020 and things were looking better than ever before but in March 2020 Blakely contracted Covid 19 despite being in shielding; since then his health has deteriorated once again taking his gut rehabilitation back years and once again increasing the need for intravenous interventions. The one thing that has got Blakely through the last year has been WWE, he watches it, plays the game and talks about it constantly. When we reached out to Kent Wish to try and give Blakely a little break and to be a child for a short time Dom came back with the most amazing wish we could ask for. Blakely cried when he found out and can’t wait. As a family we can not wait to let him experience normality and be treated like a VIP that he is. Thank you Kent wish foundation”


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