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  • Dom Comins

No time for boredom now!

Wish granted…..Theo has severe Aplastic Anaemia which is bone marrow failure, a rare disease. He doesn’t make any blood cells.

Currently under the Evelina hospital in London he has had a PICC line fitted (line to his blood supply) and a bone marrow biopsy which confirmed the aplastic anaemia.

Since June he has been unable to go to school at all and had to give up most of his hobbies as he has to isolate due to being neutropenic (no immune cells)

Theo currently goes to hospital 2 -3 times a week to have platelets transfused and a 2 units blood transfusion every two weeks.

Luckily a donor has been found.

He will have 3 types of chemotherapy over 7-10 days to completely remove any old bone marrow and shut his immune system down completely in preparation for the transplant. The donated cells are given via a transfusion and take about 3 weeks to start to engraft. He will be in a completely air filtered isolated hospital bay for 4-6 weeks.

When he is allowed home he will have to continue to isolate as much as possible to allow the bone marrow to fully engraft.

He likely will not return to full time school until next September all being well.

With all this time away from school and with constant isolation we were asked if we could supply a gaming laptop to help with school work / Zoom sessions and help keep Theo occupied whilst he is isolated.

We were so glad to be able to help and we also got Theo some of his favourite Lego sets to help keep his spirits up.

Good Luck Theo!


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