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  • Dom Comins

Thea receives her new buggy

Thea has Autism, joint hyper mobility and fatigue relating to her eating disorder (ARFID), she has had a gastrostomy fitted (feeding tube into stomach) and has to be on her pump between 4-8hrs a day during which she isn't able to walk. She also has a lot of sensory needs meaning a standard wheelchair wouldn't let her hide away as she would in a pushchair.

Thea's mum said "Thea's safety has been a big concern for the family and the wheelchair/pushchair hybrid has a restraint safety system as well as being able to be secured in a vehicle allowing us to help her move around between home/school/shops/parks and days out better. Thea does also hold a blue badge which will help us with unloading the chair in and out our vehicle

We have received the wheelchair now and would like to thank you and the foundation from the bottom of our hearts. Honestly I knew we needed the chair to enable Thea to participate more fully in family life but the extent in which it has enriched our family life is unbelievable. Thea is safe when we leave the house and has enjoyed so many trips out which before were not achievable! Honestly you have made Thea and our family feel so connected and happy again. Thank you!"


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