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  • Dom Comins

Safe at last!

Elliott is autistic with a PDA profile, a severe language disorder and intellectual disability. Elliott has very high anxiety, especially upon leaving the house and is so overwhelmed that he cannot walk. He uses the buggy to hide in as a 'safe space' and cannot go out without it as otherwise he has to be carried and he is now too heavy for this. Elliott likes his buggy as this is his only access to the outside world.

Elliott was in a double buggy with his younger brother but he has just turned 6 and has very much outgrown the size of the seat. He has to sit sideways in the seat, twisted at the hip and knees which isn't good for him long-term.

The Red Eagle Foundation have now funded a brand new specialist large buggy to help Elliott feel safe and comfortable on his trips out so he can enjoy them with the rest of the family without fear or anxiety problems.

Elliott's mum Natasha said "I just wanted to send a massive thank you to the Red Eagle Foundation for funding my son Elliott's specialist buggy. We received it last Thursday and he could not wait to get in it and join his brother on a dog walk. Since then we have been able to go out every morning to the park and it has honestly been life changing for all of us. We are so grateful and I feel so indebted to you. You have allowed a little boy his freedom again and I hope you are very proud"


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