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  • Dom Comins

Paige heads out in new buggy!

Paige is a 7 year old little girl who struggles immensely with her hypermobility, severe anxiety, asthma, alpha 1 liver disease and sensory processing disorder. Due to her anxiety and sensory, when the family are out in busy places it is very stressful for her both emotionally and mentally and causes her great stress.

This then also causes the family a great deal of stress seeing her so upset and causing herself to be put into dangerous situations where she will just run away to find somewhere to hide.

The new buggy provided by Red Eagle Foundation has given Paige a safe place to be securely taken on days out reducing her anxiety and increasing her safety.

Anna, Paige's mum said "This is Paige out enjoying a Christmas Market, thank you so so much I really appreciate it and it really helps Paige when we are out."


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