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  • Dom Comins

New Specialist Buggy for Haru

Haru is a 4 year old girl who was born with an extremely rare genetic condition. She is non-mobile, nonverbal, and has severe vision impairment and many other issues. Receiving the buggy makes many places accessible and ensuring Haru feels comfortable. It also helps the family and her carers and other people who are looking after her.

Harus mum contacted us upon arrival to say, "Thank you for your generous grant for the special all-terrain pushchair. We are so happy to have your support.

We are very grateful for your help, and you have made an incredible difference to our family life. Haru had a buggy that can go on only pavement roads. It limited roads and places where we could visit with her. She is so much more comfortable now when we go on journeys.

Thanks again for your generosity and support".

This grant was co-funded by the Kent Wish Foundation and Red Eagle Foundation.


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