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  • Dom Comins

Hunter loving his new wheels

"Thank you so much to Wayne from the Red Eagle Foundation for funding my son Hunters special tomato EIO pushchair. Hunter is autistic as well as having a lot of other medical issues and has outgrown a standard pushchair, however he requires one due to his lack of danger awareness and to calm him down during meltdowns when out in public to hide away.

Receiving his new pushchair has changed our lives as a whole family. We’re now able to safely take him out again without fear of him running off or getting injured. Hunter feels so safe and happy in his pushchair. It’s such a relief to have such an amazing foundation to help when family’s cannot find one for themselves. I will never be able to express how truly grateful I am. Thank you again"

Some lovely words here from Hunters mum, Megan.

Red Eagle Foundation was delighted to be able to fund this specialist pushchair for Hunter.


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