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  • Dom Comins

A walk on the wild side!

We are so thrilled to have been able to help Leo this week.

Leo has a very rare genetic condition called TBCD (Tubulin Folding Cofactor D) syndrome, a life threatening condition.

He was given a worst prognois and the consultants did not expect him to live long. He is fully dependant on his family and therapy team.

Leo is 2 years old and needs full postural support in all positions - sitting, standing etc. He is on oxygen monitor and is on tube feeds as he has unable to eat and drink safely.

Leo has poor head control and trunk control and he practises therapy everyday.

He has been assessed for a supportive walker, which worked very well …taking up some of his weight through his legs and holding his head up. Unfortunately, this specialist walker does not come under NHS provision.

This is where the Red Eagle Foundation stepped in to help.

We believe Leo must be given an opportunity to feel the sense of standing, shifting weight and move. This will open up his sensory-system and allow him to experience movement, vision, hearing and touch from a variety of perspectives.

This Walker is going to be a game changer for Leo and his family!

Thanks to NFU Mutual Canterbury and Sittingbourne and Charlie-Blue Rook ILM CertRP for helping to make this happen.


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