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  • Dom Comins

A legacy left to the children

From sad news can come a shining light and this is what has happened from the untimely passing of Debbie Edmed, a much loved family member and a well thought of friend and colleague.

I had the immense pleasure of meeting Dave and learning, albeit briefly, about the kind of person that Debbie was and what children meant to her.

For those of you that didn't know Debbie, here is her story through the words of her loving husband Dave.

"Debbie all her life was to Dave ‘the girl next door’ and after being married to Dave for many years they were fortunate enough to have good health as well as two healthy, and loving children Sam and Jason. Debbie’s love for children was always clear to see with her own children and whilst working as a dinner lady at the local school where she worked for 23 years, a job she loved. Debbie would often make daisy chains and help with the various games the children loved to play, often providing play equipment herself. Debbie also supported Dave with the local boys football teams and the local village society.

Debbie was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer in June 2007 for which she spent 18 months on a course of surgery, Chemo and radiotherapy. In 2009 she was announced as ‘cured’ and spent may years re-engaging in her love of sport and children. In 2016 she was once again diagnosed with Cancer this time Bone. She fought this cancer for 4 years in which time Dave and Debbie bought a camper van and traveled as much as the disease would allow.

During all this time Debbie never complained and always met every issue with a smile and a laugh. Debbie sadly passed away on the 14th Feb 2020 but requested that what ever monies could be raised at her fond farewell that it be used in helping those children not as fortunate as hers and would have had a smile on her face knowing that the monies raised was helping children from this very worthy charity"

In total, thanks to family, friends and colleagues, £2300.00 was raised in her name and the Kent Wish Foundation will use this money to assist children with life-limiting illnesses in the county. During our meeting with Dave, we discussed a certain wish that Debbie would have approved of and we will be working hard to make this happen for this particular child. As soon as this has been granted we will let everyone know the story.

Once again we would like to offer our condolences to Dave, Sam and Jason at this sad time but thank them for their donation to a charity that Debbie would certainly have approved of.


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