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  • Dom Comins

Support is there for Antonia

It is a great day today as finally a bespoke car seat has been delivered by the Red Eagle Foundation to help a young girl from Sittingbourne.

Antonia, is 3 years old and has multiple and profound health conditions which include chronic respiratory disease, epilepsy, severe neurodevelopmental delay and sight impairment .

In order to aid her development and ensure that she can get out and about and enjoy life she needed a specialist car seat that would aid her posture and help her travel safely. As a charity helping disadvantaged children in Kent we were of course happy to help.

Antonia's mum Kitti said " I just want to say a massive thank you to the Red Eagle Foundation for funding Antonia's new car seat. This is an absolute life saver for us as we can now take Antonia out and about to all of her favourite places knowing she is comfortable and supported correctly. The car seat will enable Antionia to travel safely and comfortably not only to necessary appointments but to fun places where we can spend time together as a family and make memories. Travelling will now become easier and we will have peace of mind knowing that Antonia is in a car seat that is specific for her and her needs.

A big thank you to all of our sponsors and supporters that helped make this happen.


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