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  • Dom Comins

Special pushchair for George

George is 2 and a half, he has OpitzG syndrome, Hypotonia, Global Developmental Delay and suspected autsim. Due to George’s hypotonia he is unable to support himself properly in a sitting position in a traditional pushchair.

George has no awareness of danger and very little understanding of language so we rely on his pushchair to keep him safe when we leave the house. It would be extremely unsafe for him to walk and due to his reduced muscle tone he tires very easily. Due to sensory issues George is unable to tolerate any form of reins. George loves being out and about and his pushchair is like a safe space for him. George is now too big and not supported in a traditional pushchair.

A few words from George's mum "I just wanted to let you know that George’s Tomato EIO pushchair has arrived. I can’t thank you enough for funding this for George. It is going to make such a difference and as you can see by the photos George is a big fan! Thank you so much, it will definitely be getting a lot of use as George loves to be outside! The world is his oyster now, thank you!"


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