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  • Dom Comins

Safety buggy for Bebe

Bebe has autism, sensory processing disorder, poor communicative learning skills along with an eating disorders called ARFiD. Bebe is a known flight risk and cannot be unrestrained outdoors, she is also super resistive to restraints and a standard 5 point harness is unable to keep her safe.

Bebe's eating disorder has prohibited her growth and while her weight is currently stable her bone and muscle development has been poor. so we would really like to ensure she could have a pushchair which is not only secure and safe but comfortable for journeys out as a family.

Bebe's mum said "Today we received our buggy for Bebe, we are so pleased with it and it's perfect for all her needs. This delivery has come at a time when we really needed it most as Bebe almost had another dangerous accident last week by running into the road. Now she can comfortably be transported wherever we need to go safely and this buggy will last her many many years yet. Thank you so much for your support and help. As a family little simple products like this make our lives just so much better, and without help from charities like yourself many of us struggle. It's truly amazing."


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