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  • Dom Comins

Harry Goes to Disneyland

Harry has a life limiting/threatening condition called Wang Syndrome. Harry is fed via a tube, has a severe development delay and uses a wheelchair. His condition involves a short life span restricted to childhood so the family do not know how long they have left with Harry.

What we do know is Harry LOVES Disney so we are thrilled to be able to send Harry and his family for a dream holiday to Disneyland Paris, something Harry has always wanted to do.

Harry's mum Laura said ‘We could not be more grateful to the Red Eagle Foundation for granting Harry’s wish. He’s absolutely obsessed with cars and all things Disney and this will allow him to create much treasured memories. Harry’s health is deteriorating and he has a lot of up coming surgeries this will give him something positive to look forward to. With the uncertainty of Harry’s future it’s nice to be able to be granted this precious time to create cherished family memories’

I am glad we could help and hope that Harry has a fantastic time.


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