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  • Dom Comins

Chelsea's prayers answered!

One of our priorities at the Red Eagle Foundation is to to help financially disadvantaged families, particularly those with children who have additional needs.

Roman in autistic, non-verbal with global development delay and high sensory needs which makes him scared to walk anywhere. This caused the family problems as Roman was sharing a double pram with his sibling which started to give way due to his height and weight.

Roman's mum Chelsea and her support worker asked the Red Eagle Foundation for help due to not being able to afford a suitable pram due to her financial position. Chelsea was worried that she would not be able to take Roman and his sibling out anymore which may potentially cause more health issues.

The new pram has come as a great comfort for Roman and stops his feet getting caught on the floor or the wheels. It also ensure that they can now enjoy quality family time together in safe environment.

Chelsea added "I'm so thankful and grateful for the Red Eagle Foundation helping Roman to have the comfort and safety he needs. It will make a huge difference to all of our lives and it means so much to us"

We are so glad to be able to help.


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