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Henry Gets His Wheelchair

You may remember that earlier in the year we posted about young Henry.  Henry is an 8 year old boy who suffers with a condition called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, this is a life limiting condition with most boys only living into their twenties.


Much Needed Help for Family With Teenagers

Earlier this year we agreed to help a medway based family.  Mum has mental health problems and the Dad was a carer for mum, He died in Nov 2021 and there were debts left and the family had to move and could not afford to furnish new property.  Mum did not know how to operate a bank card or account when he died, things are slowly improving but they lacked any comforts or adequate furnishings.  There are two teenage children with mental health and neuro developmental difficulties in the family too adding to their struggles.


A Specially Equipped Pushchair for George

George is 2 and a half, he has OpitzG syndrome, Hypotonia, Global Developmental Delay and suspected autsim.  Due to George’s hypotonia he is unable to support himself properly in a sitting position in a traditional pushchair.


A New Safety Buggy for Bebe

Bebe has autism, sensory processing disorder, poor communicative learning skills along with an eating disorders called ARFiD. Bebe is a known flight risk and cannot be unrestrained outdoors, she is also super resistive to restraints and a standard 5 point harness is unable to keep her safe.


Thea Receives Her New Buggy

Thea has Autism, joint hyper mobility and fatigue relating to her eating disorder (ARFID), she has had a gastrostomy fitted (feeding tube into stomach) and has to be on her pump between 4-8hrs a day during which she isn't able to walk.  She also has a lot of sensory needs meaning a standard wheelchair wouldn't let her hide away as she would in a pushchair.


£500 Raised From Birthday Boy Frank

Frank Strachan (pictured) is a supporter of the charity and recently turned 50. I’m sure he won’t mind us sharing that!


Terrific Trike for Saffron

An absolute pleasure to purchase this new trike for Saffron.  Her mum, Sarah, messaged us to say "We cannot thank you and the foundation enough for the trike you have provided for Saffron.


Hunter Loving His New Pushchair

"Thank you so much to Wayne from the Red Eagle Foundation for funding my son Hunters special tomato EIO pushchair. Hunter is autistic as well as having a lot of other medical issues and has outgrown a standard pushchair, however he requires one due to his lack of danger awareness and to calm him down during meltdowns when out in public to hide away. Receiving his new pushchair has changed our lives as a whole family. We’re now able to safely take him out again without fear of him running off or getting injured. Hunter feels so safe and happy in his pushchair. It’s such a relief to have such an amazing foundation to help when family’s cannot find one for themselves. I will never be able to express how truly grateful I am. Thank you again"


Kyle Gets Help to Do Some School Work From Home

Kyle is a young lad who has benefited from Red Eagle Foundation before, he has ADHD and autism sensory processing difficulties.  Kyles mum contacted us to see if we could help provide an iPad to help kyle complete additional work projects from home. 


New Specialist Buggy for Haru

Haru is a 4 year old girl who was born with an extremely rare genetic condition. She is non-mobile, nonverbal, and has severe vision impairment and many other issues. Receiving the buggy makes many places accessible and ensuring Haru feels comfortable. It also helps the family and her carers and other people who are looking after her.


Isobel Gets the Support She Needs

Isobel is an amazing three year old girl who has a brain tumour and has had surgery and chemotherapy to try and help over the past year. Isobel is now home after being in hospital for almost a year.


4 Year Old Kent Boy Gets New Specialist Pushchair

This 4 year old Kent boy lives with ASD and ADHD and frequently runs off without warning, has no danger awareness whilst displaying frequent melt downs.  As step to keeping him safe whilst still being able to go out and about and enjoy the outdoors the mum contacted us for some help.


Supportive Pushchair Arrives for Ashford Boy

We were contact earlier in the year to see if we could help a young boy from Ashford.  He had been diagnosed with Autism and was becoming too big and heavy to manoevour in a regular pushchair.  We spoke with our specilist manufacturer and was able to have a reinforced padded pushchair delivered to make it easier for his mum to take him out and about and to stop him banging his head.


OT Assessment Funded for Young Girl in Kent

We are delighted we were recently able to help fund a private assessment suitable for an EHCP for a young girl in Kent.  This young girl has ASD and multiple sensory issues, hyper mobility and ADHD.  Proving this assessment will ensure she gets the right support to flourish through her school life.


Huge Success at Chestfield Charity Golf Day

What a fantastic day had by all at our most recent annual Chestfield Golf Day.  Held on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year, the cold beers on the course certainly went down a treat.  In fact, they had to be topped up numerous times!


Raising Money for Henrys Wonderful Wheelchair

Henry is an 8 year old boy who suffers with a condition called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, this is a life limiting condition with most boys only living into there twenties.


£15K Raised at Recent Celebrity Attended Event

Wow what a day! Our golf event at the Centurion Club just before the big LIV event, a legend in Glenn Hoddle and a terrific days golf!


New Acheeva Learning Station/Bed for School

The Wyvern School in Ashford reached out to Red Eagle Foundation in their efforts to secure funding to buy bespoke learning station/bed for their students.


Supportive New Buggy for Arlo

Arlo has Autism and Dysphagia. He had outgrown his pushchair and exceeded the weight and height for normal pushchairs on the market, however still required one to keep him safe when out and about.


Levi-Tomi Excited to Receive His New Buggy

Levi-Tomi has autism, adhd and sensory processing disorder with no sense of danger, he is big for his age and had outgrown a standard pushchair therefore requiring a larger specialist pushchair which would provide him with the safe space he needed in order to improve his quality of life.


Isabella Gets to Enjoy the Outdoor World Again

Isabella is a 10 year old girl from New Romney who suffers from a number of mental and physical challenges.  It was difficult to get Isabella outside safely which meant long periods inside and not being to enjoy the soutside as a family.


Tablet for Interactive Learning for Kaiden

Had a lovely letter from Kaidens school, St Stephens Infant School, which read.


Kyle Gets His New Sports Glasses

Kyle is a young lad we have helped before.  He suffers from Autism sensory processing difficulties and also been diagnosed with ADHD.  He loves football and these new prescription sports glasses now allow him to stay active, have fun and burn off that energy!


Leilani Gets Life Saving Surgery

So glad we were finally able to meet Leilani today who has just had a successful first operation.


Ava-May Gets Her New Supportive Buggy

Three-year-old autistic Ava-May was quickly becoming too big for her existing buggy. She was able to climb out of the straps making it unsafe specially when travelling along the road. Her family doesn’t drive so it is essential that her mum can get Ava-May back and forth to local shops which often takes around 40 mins to walk.


New Supportive Bed for Harry

Harry is a 15 year old boy with Autism living in Sittingbourne.  He often spends a lot of time in his bedroom and recently his bed broke under his weight and he had been sleeping on just a mattress.