4 Year Old Kent Boy Gets New Specialist Pushchair

This 4 year old Kent boy lives with ASD and ADHD and frequently runs off without warning, has no danger awareness whilst displaying frequent melt downs.  As step to keeping him safe whilst still being able to go out and about and enjoy the outdoors the mum contacted us for some help.

We were able to provide a 'state of the art' specalist pushchair which is durable, reinforced and secure maning this young lad can now safely enjoy some outddor activites with his mum.


We received some lovely feedback from his mum.  "It's brilliant, thank you, it really has made a huge difference to us, getting out and about is now so much easier!  Far less tears and much more enjoyment, infact he loves it so much he's actually fallen asleep in it and thats very unusual!  Days out are much less stressfukl for us now, knowing he has a safe space to go when it all gets abit too much has wored wonders.  Thank you so much for all your help, its really really appreciated"


(Young boys name witheld due to his current circumstances.)