Levi-Tomi Excited to Receive His New Buggy

Levi-Tomi has autism, adhd and sensory processing disorder with no sense of danger, he is big for his age and had outgrown a standard pushchair therefore requiring a larger specialist pushchair which would provide him with the safe space he needed in order to improve his quality of life.

Red Eagle were extremely pleased to be able to liaise directly with the manufacturer to source and secure this new specialist buggy for Levi-Tomi.

Levi-Tomi's mum, Cylene-Lily wrote us a lovely thank you email; "I want to say a huge massive thank you to Red Eagle Foundation, specifically Wayne Hodgson, for funding us our boys flashy set of wheels! It is a huge relief to know such kindness is around. I couldn’t believe it when all was lost wondering how we would get around with a child that has special needs, no car, no buggy that was within his weight and height limit and one that he can’t break or ruin.  We feel absolutely blessed.  We are on a role to starting our life again and being able to go out again properly will be amazing! Thank you all so much!!"