George Gets His New Buggy

George is a young boy living in Kent. He has disabilities including Autism Spectrum disorder, Epilepsy/Seizures, challenging behaviour, asthma, speech delay, sensory processing difficulties, sleep difficulties, genetic issues and ongoing leg pain and walking difficulties that are currently being investigated and tip toe walks.

One of Georges parents is also disabled with the other being their full-time carer. They have had difficulties due to Georges seizures and leg pain getting him out and about in a regular buggy.

Red Eagle Foundation were able to provide a specialist reinforce buggy to enable George to enjoy the great outdoors safely whilst also making outdoor events more enjoyable for his parents.

Georges mum commented "I would like to say a massive thank you to the Red Eagle Foundation for supplying my son with a special needs pushchair. Unfortunately, we received no help from the NHS. So, charity’s like the Red Eagle Foundation are so appreciated by family’s like ours. Since having this buggy, it has been so much easier to be able to go out, keeps my son safe and secure and is perfect for him to lay in after having a seizure. Thank you"