New Supportive Buggy for Chanelle

Chanelle is young girl from Canterbury who suffers with sensory issues , is completely non-verbal, has severe communication difficulties and is awaiting a paediatrician for a possible diagnosis for high spectrum autism.

Chanelle's mum likes to go out and about with her as much as possible and her previous buggy was unsupportive and cramped. Red Eagle Foundation have funded the purchase of this specialist jogger buggy with reinforced and larger seating for additional support and to last longer as Chanelle grows older.

Vikki, Chanelle’s mum said, "I was amazed at how quickly Red Eagle Foundation not only responded to me but agreed the purchase and had the buggy delivered in record time! Chanelle loves the new buggy and as you can see is all smiles every time we go out. The buggy is not only more spacious and supportive for Chanelle but is easier for me to manoeuvre and makes going out more fun".