Chestfield Golf Club HUGE Donation

Every year Chestfield Golf Club, like most others, elect a new Captain for the forthcoming year.  During the last couple of years with Covid its been a little different and our most recent Captain took the tenure for 2 years.  Steve Snell was a fanastic captain for the club and choose Red Eagle Foundation as his 'Charity of the Year'.  Something we are extremely grateful for.

During his captaincy remained shut for long periods due to covid and fundariaisnf and events were limited, but in 2020/21 he was able to get really going.

Red Eagle Foundation would like to personally thank you Steve, and all the members, for your fundraising efforts since your inception as Chestfield Golf Club Captain in April 2019.

Your efforts have been nothing short of superb especially since the majority of your captaincy has been beleaguered with the covid crisis. Congratulations!

We are delighted with the total figure you have raised during this period of £7482. This has been used in many ways and has fully funded the following projects:

• Tyler from Sittingbourne born with Down’s Syndrome. New specialist trike that will grow and provide many years of use.

• Leanne from Ashford, severely bullied and suffering with Dyslexia, funding allowed GCSEs to be taken away from usual school setting.

• Specialist school in Folkestone (St Eanswythe) needed some sensory water play activities for its disadvantaged students.

• Willow from Gravesend has Spina Bifida amongst other complications. A specialist trike allows Willow to develop her strength and will last aprox 4 years.

• Alex from Medway benefitted from communication switches to help with his Mouchamitsin condition. 

• Adam a young boy from Medway benefitted from some communication switches for his Global Development Delay and ASD.

• Luke from Sittingbourne suffered from a neurological condition and benefitted from Play Therapy.

• A local disabled children facility received an food pump to allow those whop cannot consume food on their own to be fed orally. 

• A Specialist Folkestone School (Beacon) received a climbing frame to assist with development for their learning difficulties students improving physical and mental wellbeing.

All of which I am sure everyone will agree are all fantastic life enhancing grants for disadvantaged children in Kent.