Josh Receives Much Needed Garden Play Equipment

The Red Eagle Foundation are delighted to provide Josh with some much needed play equipment for his garden.

Since Josh was 18 months old he had lived his life in relative isolation. He was born with a severe immune deficiency which was finally diagnosed at almost 2 years old. To keep him safe from infections Josh has never been allowed to go to toddler groups, play parks, play dates or nursery.

Josh received a bone marrow transplant in 2019 as part of his treatment and sadly since then he has had suffered many complications. The main one being chronic lung graft versus host disease. This effects Joshua’s ability to run around and play freely, he has a chronic cough and breathlessness.

Now at almost 4 years old Josh won’t be well enough to start school in September, and still isn’t able to live freely like most other children his age.

Josh's mum Kayleigh told us "To be able to have some nice, safe play equipment in the garden for him is amazing. It enables him to practice climbing, build his confidence and use all his muscles. It also encourages him to try and run around a little, to exercise his lungs and gives him something to do in his many hours stuck at home. Having had to leave my job to care for Joshua we are extremely grateful for charities such as The Red Eagle Foundation and all they do for children like him"

RED Eagle CEO, Dominic Comins, said “We are delighted to be able to help Josh with equipment that will allow him to exercise and play as well as build up up his confidence. Josh has had a tough time and we are so happy we could help making his life more enjoyable”