New Adaptable Buggy for Jordan

Jordan is a young boy who hasn’t had the best start in life. He has multiple problems, including foetal alcohol syndrome, autism, global developmental delay. In addition, he is hearing impaired, non-verbal, lacks understanding and has a chromosome deficiency.

His low muscle tone, means he has an inability to walk far and needs the use of a buggy – and most importantly, to keep him safe when by the roadside, as he has no understanding of danger.

Jordan had outgrown his existing buggy and was in need of a special buggy, more adaptable and suitable to his needs. Recommended by Freedom for Kids, the Red Eagle Foundation has funded £396.50, half of the cost of a new suitable buggy, the remainder funded by his parents.

After recently receiving the new buggy, his Dad, Ian, said, “We now have the buggy and road-tested it a few times. Jordan loves it and finds it so comfortable. I have attached a before and after style picture, so you can see how he was struggling to sit comfortably in his old buggy and how upright and happy he is in his new one (not that his face shows it, but he is happy)!”

Ian went on to say: “Thank you ever so much to you and your charity for helping Jordan out again, it really is much appreciated and most welcome. He is a very lucky boy to have a wonderful bed (previously funded by the Red Eagle Foundation) and now a buggy, which will keep him safe for a number of years to come.”

The new buggy will add quality of life, giving Jordan freedom, safety and comfort, and the ability to go out, as a family.