Funding for Sunrise Play Therapy

The Red Eagle Foundation recently made a grant award of £580 to fund 14 play therapy sessions with professional child therapist, Lynda Barlow from Sunrise Play Therapy.

Lynda works with children and young adolescents suffering from a range of psychological difficulties and complex life experiences including for example depression anxiety ADHD experiences of abuse grief family breakdown domestic violence and trauma.

Play and creative arts therapy is the type of psychotherapy used to enable the child to engage and communicate without the use of words. The children use the toys and symbols in the playroom as a means to communicate their feelings, frustrations, worries and past traumas, thus enabling them to move on, feel more confident, make sense of their lives and to be able to cope with the future.

Lynda said, “This funding will give immediate emotional and mental support to a vulnerable child. I cannot take away the present problems or past traumas in a Childs life but I can give them the emotional tools and resilience to be able to cope with them now and in the future.”

Importantly, the Play therapy also helps reduce anxiety, raise self-esteem, change behaviour and improve relations with family and friends.