Much Needed Food Pump for Hextable Based Charity

Hextable charity, We are Beams, supports disabled children, young people and their families where they fall through the local authority net. Day trips and overnight stays are just some of the ways that We are Beams support the family.

Six of the children who attend cannot consume food orally and rely on their parents bringing in their own pumps. The pump delivers the correct nutrition and regulates what is given to them automatically.

With pumps sometimes failing or parents forgetting to bring their pump in, the charity were keen to have their own pump. The Red Eagle Foundation were pleased to provide the £440 grant for the equipment which will support six children.

Caroline Brinkman from We Are Beams said, “The food pump ensures that a child has food distributed in a manner that is comfortable for them and will save time, giving them more time to play – it also helps the support worker. This reduces any chance of indigestion, and the child feels better and fuller for longer as the food is distributed in a consistent way.”

With more referrals coming from the NHS, We Are Beams provides a valued ongoing service in our community.