Foundation Funds Folkestone CIC Garden Project

Custom Folkestone is a new restaurant concept where diners can donate ingredients or help in the kitchen in exchange for food. It is based in Folkestone Harbour and is the brain child of local artist and chef Cherry Truluck.

Cherry says her food will focus on locally sourced produce and will include fish as well as vegetarian food.

The venture has been funded by online crowdfunding as well as local businesses.

Cherry says the project will create new learning opportunities and work experience for local people, working in the kitchen and garden and is hoping to engage children with profound and severe learning difficulties and physical and sensory impairments, to give them a range of educational experiences they would not otherwise enjoy.

Red Eagle is proud to be associated with the project and has donated £1,200 to cover the annual maintenance of the community garden.

We wish them every success in the project and look forward to popping down for lunch in the future.

You can find out more about the project by visiting